Saturday, May 1, 2010

Guten Tag!

I don't believe it either at first. But it is actually happened. I got an offer to go to CV GWS, Germany from James.. (Danke shone, James). The task: To inspect 3300 pcs of lenses for the new automated lens inspection. Sounds easy, huh! Ja.. ja.. I don't really care bout that actually. We managed time perfectly. Working 12 hrs a day for almost 2 weeks.. doesn't really matter to me.. I got my homework done, the RIT proposal done and most important things, I enjoyed Germany. I really do!

Aschaffenburg was the place where we were staying. Zum Engel Hotel was soo.. nice! A pizzaria in front, a small nice restaurant with friendly owner across the road and we got REWE just a few minutes walks. I'll not forget all those memories.

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