Sunday, January 31, 2010

more addiction!!

I would consider it as excessive psychological dependence on the applications in facebook. or farmville & cafe world to be specific. I know I was like voluntarily slaving myself to serve the time-wasting activity like that... I told before, it's psychological dependence.. I always feel like my life is not complete if I didn't work on my farm & cafe.. sounds ridiculous, right??

and every time I feel like blogging, the voice inside my head will simply direct me to and AGAIN.. so much fun..even if I could only comment on others' status or just do the status shuffling.

I've decided to put myself in a therapy session. it was just started an hour ago actually... 1st stage will be; You, by anyhow are not allow to log in to farmville or cafeworld or any other applications created by or it's Allied Force, like Zynga at work...

I really mean it!

I'll monitor this myself.. I will try to not to be bias.. :)


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