Sunday, December 26, 2010

Are you happy 2010 is almost ending and 2011 approaching?

- Germany
- Accident. JLF 5336 in memories
- Ina tunang
- Yeah + Sal kawen
- Shima + Boy kawen
- Ana tunang

and the list will be continued as I recalled them later.. :p

2010 wishlist
- I'm gonna get myself a new car.
- Kitchen hood/ hub
- Camera
- Umrah
- Italy/ Rome

Saturday, May 1, 2010

About the therapy.

Good news. Seems like it work, though..
I don't work on my cafe anymore! I don' feel regret blocked that application. :)  That's really an outstanding progress. 

NEXT STEP: Do the same to FARMVILLE!!
but, that's really a big challenge. Don't worry. I will!!!

Guten Tag!

I don't believe it either at first. But it is actually happened. I got an offer to go to CV GWS, Germany from James.. (Danke shone, James). The task: To inspect 3300 pcs of lenses for the new automated lens inspection. Sounds easy, huh! Ja.. ja.. I don't really care bout that actually. We managed time perfectly. Working 12 hrs a day for almost 2 weeks.. doesn't really matter to me.. I got my homework done, the RIT proposal done and most important things, I enjoyed Germany. I really do!

Aschaffenburg was the place where we were staying. Zum Engel Hotel was soo.. nice! A pizzaria in front, a small nice restaurant with friendly owner across the road and we got REWE just a few minutes walks. I'll not forget all those memories.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

more addiction!!

I would consider it as excessive psychological dependence on the applications in facebook. or farmville & cafe world to be specific. I know I was like voluntarily slaving myself to serve the time-wasting activity like that... I told before, it's psychological dependence.. I always feel like my life is not complete if I didn't work on my farm & cafe.. sounds ridiculous, right??

and every time I feel like blogging, the voice inside my head will simply direct me to and AGAIN.. so much fun..even if I could only comment on others' status or just do the status shuffling.

I've decided to put myself in a therapy session. it was just started an hour ago actually... 1st stage will be; You, by anyhow are not allow to log in to farmville or cafeworld or any other applications created by or it's Allied Force, like Zynga at work...

I really mean it!

I'll monitor this myself.. I will try to not to be bias.. :)


Saturday, January 30, 2010


2009 was a great year for me.. especially @ work. paid off and satisfying! ~ up-grade & the most important thing, I am happy with it.

on top of that, an agreement was signed between me & the company™. it was all about the advanced statistics program by RIT. Rochester Institute of Technology, NY. i've been started the refreshment course since 3 weeks ago and the spring quarter will starts on march.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Snotty-nose- w/-phlegm" Week

Never had this problem before.. I was thought it probably from the Batam trip last 2 weeks.. but I was wrong. Went to see doctor last Thursday and the Doc said it could be the symptom of ALLERGIES.. or SINUS.. auchhh... Discomfort and totally irritating..

Prescribed with some sort of med really doesn't help..

Anybody out there can offer me some help??

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Too good to be true.

Just came back from Batam on business trip.
I'm a newly trained grasshopper by Sensei Yasuo mostly on SiHy material properties and some process. Kinda interesting and makes me feel like 'yeah..I should go for it'! I will not let him down. He's kind of motivator also. I've talked to my boss about getting myself a master in advanced material and seems like he also showing me a green light. Cool!!